What?? I won something!! Really???

I just found out that I have won return flights for myself and my husband to Singapore!!


I entered a competition a couple of weeks on their site where you write a little story about somewhere special Jetstar has taken you and my story was selected as a winner just today! Woot Woot.

I thought perhaps it was chance but as it turns out it is selected based on skill so spending 20 mins writing the story definitely paid off!!

Check out my winning story!! (Excuse the typos in the story - I was trying to cram in 600 characters!)

As you would all know, I love love love Japan and our first trip to Japan was with Jetstar and at the time it was a totally random decision. We saw $450 return flights and jumped on them and we honestly have never looked back.  Jetstar really did start our love affair with Japan as we possibly would not have been there once, let alone twice, had we have not seen those cheap flights! So it really is the truth - even if it does sound corny!!

If you have been somewhere special with Jetstar - I totally urge you to enter the comp!! It could pay off!


Here are a few pix of my time Japan..!



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