We will be back!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing well and life is treating you kindly!

My husband and I lost our home in the flood so we will be taking a short break from the blog. Just as soon as we get this little homeless thing sorted we will be back!

2011 didn't quite start as planned but things can only get better from here (hopefully!)

Stay safe everyone and don't forget to donate to the Flood appeal as every little bit will go towards helping families that are in need. I have heard many first hand tragic stories. Just one that touched my heart was a neighbor who was advised that their home was condemned, a home that they just finished renovating, a home that is not insured :(

Please put yourselves in their shoes an imagine what it would feel like to have everything you have worked so hard for taken away. For me the most tragic thing about losing my home are not the things that can be replaced but the physical reminders of special times spent in my home of 8 years.

Love the things that you take for granted more everyday!

xx amanda, nick & jemma (& judah sends a tail wag from up in heaven)


  1. Hi Amanda - I can't believe what you have been through and I hope things work out quickly for you. When you are back on your feet I have nominated your blog for a 'stylish blogger award'. I love reading your posts about what to do and see in Brisbane and your photography is AMAZING! Details are on my blog.

    Lots of love, Lotus xxx

  2. Lots of love!! Hope you get clean, dry and back on your feet very quickly xo



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