Fashion | Valentino Retrospective Opening Day

What a privilege to have such a beautiful, career long collection on our shores! And not only on our Aussie shores, but right here in Brisbane!

The opening day was host to a range of industry guest speakers and I was particularly interested to see what thoughts Gail Reid for the Gail Sorronda label had about the collection. Nerves got the better of the poor girl though and she totally choked up and couldn't get a word out! But the crowd helped her along and she got through a a few good questions. All that aside she looked as stunning as always and added her own touch of glamour to the day. I am a huge fan of her work so it was good to see her back home in Brisbane.

Most definitely make your way to this exhibition as many of these gowns, regardless of the year they were created, will transcend through the ages no matter what trends are exploding around us.

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