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Sling Lounge in West End has an ultra thick book that sits on every table .. they call it a 'cocktail list' but i assure you it is no 'list'.. it is a cocktail book i tell you! .. and you can download the entire 67 pages here if you want to study and prepare a shortlist prior to your visit!

Its not always necessary to spend an hour deciding as the the staff often ask you what your tastes are and suggest cocktails to suit .. and they always end up spot on!

It has a very chilled and relaxed vibe  .. Sling Lounge is definitely an old favorite on the expanding west end bar scene!

Oh! and I am yet to sample Margarita Mondays with over 40 different Margaritas to choose from at  just $10 a pop! ... and there is food too - good food .. but honestly with a 67 page cocktail list I never seem to care for food!

brisbane a la mode!


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