Paper artistry ... upon a fold

I just adore this cute little site called upon a fold. It showcases an incredibility cool collection of paper artistry from all around the world. The site is created by an Australian based in Sydney and you can purchase the products online - some from as little as 2.95!

I love is this set of vases designed by Torafu Architects in Japan!  It is reversible and collapsible and once the airvase is extended it can be shaped any number of ways! Genius! 

And another designer Shinichi Iwami from Japan, loves bicycles! This tiny paper bicycle model is part of a series he has designed named ‘micro museum’! So special .. so cute! 

And last but not least .. an adorable bag of little stickers! These stickers are actually collection of patterns from around the world sourced from travel tickets, old stamps, music sheets, maps and more!

brisbane a la mode!

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