Do you want YOUR label stocked at an exclusive Brisbane Boutique?

Do you want YOUR label stocked on the shelves of an exclusive, one of a kind, Brisbane boutique??? 
Well thanks to The Tribune Brisbane this dream could very well come true!  They are holding their inaugural Designer Open Day! So get excited! 
The Tribune have always been very supportive of brisbane a la mode and having been invited into the store on a couple of occasions to shoot their insanely gorgeous product I know first hand what incredible style the girls in this store have!  I just cannot wait to see what new talent these stylish ladies select! (note to self - start saving $$ now) 
So all you have to do is drop by the store on Friday 12th November between 12pm - 6pm with some samples and examples of your work!! They are looking for original artwork, clothing, jewellery, millinery, footwear, home wears, menswear, stationary, plus kids wear and accessories.
Brisbane is just so darn lucky to have such keen supporters of our local design talent !   To provide local labels the opportunity to be stocked in such a gorgeous store alongside shelves filled with pretty things by the likes of Alexander McQueen, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti and Balenciaga (just to name a few) is amazing!
So lock it in! And don't by shy! 



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