Summer = Touring

When summer arrives so do touring bands! The majority of them all seem to head over in our summer and the next few months are looking to be a couple of best yet for me and my music loving pals. 

First up on Friday December 3rd - Architects  who are metal band from Brighton, UK and are playing at the Hi Fi in West End. (love this new brisbane venue btw). (Dec 3rd is a huge night for Brissy ppl with Korn and Linkin Park playing the same night at separate venues) 

So yes I do like metal and my music tastes are somewhat diverse - from post hardcore bands like Thursday to artists like Tori Amos. When I love a band or an artist, for me its about the music and nothing else. When it comes to music I don't care what genre or pigeon hole the band has been unwillingly squeezed into, I don't care what they wear on stage or what they do in their spare time at all.  I don't even care that the music i listen to makes no sense to anyone else because it makes sense to me! Some people seem to think its strange that I actually like and respect Justin Timberlake but also love & listen to bands like Bring Me The Horizon & The Dillinger Escape Plan. 

For me I really just need the artists to be quality musicians who are passionate and real about what they do - and of course the music needs to gel.  There are so many artists that do it for all the wrong reasons and generally these artists have no longevity in the industry at all.  Music is a way of life for most people and most people know when these artists are not being true to what they are doing.

Anyway up next is a band that my husband I have adored for such a long time and we have never had the privilege seeing them live. They have been to Australia a couple of times but we have never managed to be in the same place at the same time. And this time we were at risk of this happening once again but we decided to take a trip to Melbourne to see one of their two sideshows in Australia. Interpol from  NYC are playing the Palace Theatre in Melbourne on Friday 7th January and I am anticipating an amazing show!!

My husband and I don't really like festivals all that much and if there are any that we hate, its Big Day Out. So we do our best to avoid attending but if there are bands playing that we want to see, we will go. This year the festival has one band that we have been fans off for over 10 years now, the Deftones. But rather than go to the festival we decided to jump back onto another plane and head to Sydney this time to see one of their sideshows. We have seen them a handful of times and they are definitely worth the flight. Deftones are playing the Roundhouse on Friday 24th of January.

And last but not least one of our newest favourite bands, La Dispute who are from somewhere in the Midwest (Grand Rapids I think) in the USA are heading to AUS for a huge tour! Being a really small, rather unknown band they are playing small venues, some of which I have never heard of before! They are playing two shows in Brisbane so we will be heading along to both.

Such Small Hands from La Dispute on Vimeo.

And then there is the Soundwave festival come February which we don't mind going too - its one of the better festivals so far but it still has time to go down the drain given it is a relatively new festival.

So thats it for now! I love summer! And I love the music season!!


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