The floods continue .. for us

So the Queensland January floods came and went for most of us but for my husband and I the floods are still happening in terms of it having a huge affect our lives day in and day out for the past 4 months.

We still have no word from our insurance as to when or what the payout amount will be to repair our home, and certainly no idea when work will actually begin.

Statistics have proven that it is around this stage, the 3-4 month stage that people who have been directly affected by natural disasters can suffer extreme anxiety, stress & depression and we can certainly see how that can be the case. Its like nothing we have ever dealt with before as not knowing what news each day will bring, and knowing that generally each day will come and go with no new information at all is very draining. Energy is sapped up very quickly when you are literally thinking about your home and what is going to happen 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

On top of this my husband and I are both so super busy at work, we both have after hours businesses that we are heavily committed too right at this moment as well, I have this blog of which I receive more and more emails and requests each week, we have friends and family who we like to catch up with now and then as well and it really is just all very overwhelming! We don't feel as though we have time to stop and breathe let alone commit to anything more! .. but of course I know this is going to continue on and we will become busier and busier as things start to actually happen.

In better news though we have decided to move forward independent of our insurers and commit a large sum of money to our home so that a) we can get something moving for our own personal peace of mind and b) so we can turn this horrible event into something to look forward too in the end.

We had a chat to Reddog architects yesterday about an extension and a complete overhaul of our home so given our insurers give us what they owe us in terms of fixing the existing home, the money we have can go towards extra work at the same time. 

Lets hope it all works out now and we get a resolution and a plan happening soon! All our fingers and toes crossed as we are not sure how much more of this we can take!! And we really want to go home! We miss Fairfield! <3


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Just keep moving one step at a time and it will all get done. If you ever need any help with the blog etc please let me know, happy to do what I can.


  2. Thx lady xx Oooh a guest blogger would be kinda cool anyway!! :)




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