The gift of food!

On a couple of occasions my husband and I have given our favourite people the very special gift of food!

We absolutely adore eating out at lovely restaurants! It excites me as I love to cook, and eat, delicious things so what better way to share that experience than giving it in the form of a gift. We think experiencing and sharing a beautiful meal with someone special is so much more lovely than something material that might sit around and gather dust.

We have bought gift certificates for a few special people over the years, to a few of our favourites, Ecco Bistro, Amisfield Winery in NZ, and even a drink degustation at THE best cocktail bar in Australia, Der Raum.

I am thinking that my next gift for someone special might be a gift certificate for Sono. Such a perfect spot for a beautiful dinner, and an easy way to introduce people to the traditional, and the modern tastes of japan!

Or maybe someone could by me one ... hint hint ;)

Sono Gift Certificates
07 3268 6655


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