Caravaggio Matt P3 & P1

Sooo excited!! We just ordered two Caravaggio lights in dark and light grey from Corporate Culture in the Valley! Designed by Cecilie Manz, these new matt finishes are just so beautiful! 

They were shown at Milan design week only this year and are not yet in Australia .. so even though they are going to take 4 months to arrive *sob sob* we will possibly be the first people in Queensland to get our little hands on them!

Can't wait to see them hanging above our new concrete bench top!!

We also ordered 3 Foscarini Gregg Lights for our bedroom from the UK.. and they should arrive in just a couple of weeks!

Now we just have to choose a pendant light for our stairwell and we are all done!! Things feel as though they are slowly coming together now - such a lovely feeling after such a long long year of waiting!


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