Today we crossed the last big hurdle off our list and the house is officially happening!

It is hard to believe that it was 9 months ago that the floods took our home but we are finally moving forward as two weeks ago construction started! yipppeee.

We decided to make a positive out of a what was otherwise a devastating event and engaged reddog architects to design what is essentially an entirely new house (we are still keeping the shell and floors of the original 1930's structure however). It is going to be a big change and really is designed for us to live in and enjoy for another 5, 10 or 20 years - whatever it may be! The lower level will be 'flood proof' as such and is built out of robust materials that will withstand water! The upper level will of course be raised to above the current flood level - so we are giving an old house, new life and we hope that it will still be there in another 80 years time.

We didn't quite expect to be making such a big change this year, but we are more than excited about seeing the house completed. It is going to be worth every cent we have personally had to put into it to make it happen. I can't say that we would go through the floods or such an emotionally draining and difficult year again for the house, but we have certainly done our best at making the most of a bad situation. And Reddog have been awesome!! Couldn't recommend them more highly!

Now we can finally relax and enjoy the build process and hopefully be home in 2 months - with a completion date of end of January! Bring it On!


NA House! (these are the original concept drawings so during the design process/detailed drawings it did change a little but it is essentially the same, just better :) ! and a little more 'us' in terms of the colours and finishes)


  1. Wow the design looks amazing! Well done for having the courage to make the best of a bad situation and good luck with the construction!




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