Shellac Nails!

I feel absolutely naked without my nails painted and have spent so much time over the last few years keeping them 'done'. One of my pet hates is that polish, no matter how hard you try, just doesn't last more than 3 or 4 days max!

So last week I wandered past a local nail bar near my work in the Valley, called polished nails and beauty and was super excited to see that they offered Shellac Nails - for only $30!! (most other places are at least $50).

Basically shellac is a gel like polish that is applied just like a normal manicure, but it lasts FOREVER! Well.. basically lasts until you are ready to have it removed. I have had mine now for a week and they look as glossy and as 'done' as the day i walked into the salon. My nails have started growing out now - but in a week or so I might do a half moon with polish at the cuticle so I can keep them for longer!

They are absolutely the best thing ever! seriously - if you want to get a manicure, give this a go! you wont be disappointed!

And I am sure that there are a bunch of salons offering this service now, but not so many for $30!

Polished Nails and Beauty
Shop 1, 16 Chester Street, Newstead
07 3216 0686


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