Ceramic Beauty

I am in love with the work of Brisbane Ceramic Artist, Mel Robson.

Basically my love for her work all started because I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with general household items that are in the shape of a gun.

My most loved personal gun ceramic is an huge over sized white ceramic plate with a gun in the centre of it which I purchased in Amsterdam.  I had to have it and was so dedicated that I carted it half way around the world through Germany, Switzerland, The French Alps, London & Bangkok in order to get it home!!

So when I spotted Mel Robsons ceramic guns, and soon after discovered she is a local Brisbane artist, I was super excited!  The rest of her work is quite breathtaking as well and I love her use of organic shape and form with both functional and non-functional items.

Check our her blog to find out where can view her works! www.feffakookan.blogspot.com

Photos courtesy of www.feffakookan.blogspot.com




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