Ceramic Beauty

I am in love with the work of Brisbane Ceramic Artist, Mel Robson.

Basically my love for her work all started because I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with general household items that are in the shape of a gun.

My most loved personal gun ceramic is an huge over sized white ceramic plate with a gun in the centre of it which I purchased in Amsterdam.  I had to have it and was so dedicated that I carted it half way around the world through Germany, Switzerland, The French Alps, London & Bangkok in order to get it home!!

So when I spotted Mel Robsons ceramic guns, and soon after discovered she is a local Brisbane artist, I was super excited!  The rest of her work is quite breathtaking as well and I love her use of organic shape and form with both functional and non-functional items.

Check our her blog to find out where can view her works! www.feffakookan.blogspot.com

Photos courtesy of www.feffakookan.blogspot.com



  1. PS Love your taste in pendant lamps! (Couldn't find the actual post!)

  2. Ah I havent posted it just yet!! I am still waiting (very impatiently!) for my husband to put it up!

  3. As much as I love Mel's work, one of your images is mine. 4th from the bottom - 3 nesting bowls with indents - was made by me - Vicki Grima.
    Please correct.



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