hello 2011!!

2010 was a year of many trials for us ... a full collapse of a lifelong friendship, two severed tendons for my husband followed by surgery and a very lengthy and ongoing recovery process, the loss of our car at the worst possible time (we broke down while my husbands hand was in a splint, on the side of a mountain at night, heading towards a much needed getaway with our two dogs which was followed by 3 or 4 lots of towing and lots and lots of $$), as close to a marriage collapse I ever want to be, and the loss of our 10 year old dog Judah to brain cancer just 4 weeks shy of our xmas break which we had planned to spend by his side :(

these a just a handful of the things that filled 2010 for us and it is somewhat hard to deal with because as much as I am happy to be saying goodbye to a dreadful tear filled year, I would give everything to live it all over again just to have that year with my boy judah again as I miss him so so so much.

as well as all the trials of last year there were some good times. some beautiful weddings that i had the privilege of shooting, one in beautiful fiji, the opportunity to work with and get to know some inspirational, new people through my photography, as well a stunning couple of weeks travelling along the west coast of america, a week in cabo, mexico, a week in melbourne and daylesford, along side a couple of super quick trips to mt buller and fiji. there really were good times and it is those that I will remember. 2010 was the last year we spent with judah and for that reason alone I will cherish every single last moment of it.

we did a lot in 2010, we finished our front yard reno, our bedroom, a full kitchen renovation and now for some last minute r&r before we tackle 2011 head on.

I am positive that 2011 will be a good year for us! It is starting off with a bang with 3 days in Melbourne as of tomorrow, a number of incredibly good bands to see this month and next, my first free flight to japan (but 3rd visit), this time to niseko & tokyo in March (thx to jetstar), with another couple to follow after that which we are still to book and plan!

But most of all for 2011 all I want is loads of happiness for all of the people that i love dearly as well as immensely good health all around and lots and lots of good times.

I hope you all have an exciting year planned and all the best for 2011!! This was my 2010. Farewell.


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