We heart Japan ...and Sono Portside!

Given the fact my husband and I have been to Japan twice, and are heading back next month, some might say that we are a little obsessed with Japan, it's food, culture, architecture, shopping districts, and its snow
..and I would say that is possibly a fair assumption :) .. we really do heart all things Japanese!

So when I received a personal invitation to dine and experience Sono Portside restaurant last night and sit alongside owner, William Liu, and have him share his passion for his food & his restaurant with us, we were very excited and every bit honoured.

William treated us to a selection of the restaurants finest dishes & sakes and explained to us what sets his restaurant apart from the rest of the pack. Sono is possibly Brisbane's finest Japanese restaurant and the reason for this was summed up by two very key words, words that are displayed throughout Williams restaurants and office, 'consistency & creativity'. These are two things they do exceptionally well in terms of the menu, service and it is extended well into the multi-million dollar space & hand crafted, zen like, fit out.  To top it all off this is all enjoyed alongside an incredible view of the Brisbane river.

The new Sono menu is extensive, very traditional, yet modern and it is designed to suit both the Japanese and Australian lifestyle. The current head chef was hand picked by William almost four years ago, is Japanese born and bred and spent his childhood fishing and preparing fish alongside his father. His skills and knowledge of Japanese cuisine, & culture alongside his knowledge of French cuisine certainly play a key part in this fine dining experience.

We started off with a couple of icy cold Asahi's (this is a must when dining in a Japanese restaurant for us), followed by a Sake tasting menu which was a selection of 3 very different Sakes from different regions in Japan. All  very delicious! The sake menu at Sono is another key component and they take pride in hand selecting sake from many different regions of Japan, something that is not common in most Australian Japanese restaurants. Add to this a dedicated wine cellar (with wines aging as we speak), a selection of Japans finest beers and everyone is happy!

So after a few drinks to kick of the evening, the food was served!! William suggested a tasting menu to get a feel for what Sono has on offer and we were every bit impressed! The attention to detail is really what sets this restaurant apart. Each dish has many different elements, yet the flavours are very delicate, and everything is perfectly balanced.

Our favorite dishes of the evening were the South Qld Kobe Wagyu MB6 Steak and the NSW Duck breast with teriyaki orange sauce. Both were cooked to absolute perfection and honestly the Duck was the best we have ever had, full stop! The teriyaki orange sauce was perfectly balanced and not at all overpowering or sticky .. as some can be.

We finished off with a beautiful chocolate desert complimented with an in-house made ice cream (yum!) and were treated to a traditional Japanese Plum Wine served ice cold on the rocks. Perfection!

All I can say now is if you want to experience Japan without leaving our shores, Sono Portside is without a doubt the place to do it!

Level 1, Building 7, Portside Wharf (opposite Dendy Cimemas)
39 Hercules Street Hamilton



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