Ready to go home!!

Its been more than 4 months since we were suddenly displaced from our home of 8 years due to the horrific brisbane/queensland floods! And we are certainly ready to go home!

But... its not quite happening yet (still about 5 months to go!). But the good news is that we have been able to finally visualise where we will be in 5 months time after checking out the preliminary designs/concepts from our architects at Reddog Architects! ...

... and they are EPIC! My husband & I are so excited and cannot wait to go home now more than ever. Whilst the exterior part of the existing home will look similar (prettied up of course ) the interior is undergoing a major change!! The most exciting part will be the removal of our bathroom, toilet and laundry from the northern side of our house. This will open the lounge and kitchen up to masses of gorgeous morning light though an abundance of windows that extend along the entire side of the house around to the front which overlooks a lovely big green leafy park.

A feature of the living room will be a 5 meter long custom kitchen bench and entertainment unit! Definitely looking forward to cooking up a storm in there!

The house is also being raised to get it up and out of the flood level. The lower level is going to be virtually 'flood proof' with the use of some amazingly raw materials such as concrete and glass. Because we need to raise it up quite a bit the ceilings will be over 3 meters high so it will be so lovely, light and spacious down there. We will have a new grand entrance which will lead to an outdoor terrace area (that can be viewed from our 2nd level) or you can head straight up a set of internal stairs, complete with little nooks here and there for sitting & reading as you progress through the house.

We will also have an extension 'pod' that will form the master bedroom, ensuite .. and of course a sizable walk in robe!
These are just the initial ideas but we are so pleased to have a clear vision now where we will be when we do finally get home!! And such a lovely one at that! Reddog have been amazing and have been working solidly on our project given our situation and have been very generous and helpful.

Nick & I had been waiting to upgrade the house and had planned to do so over the next couple of years. So we figured that since we would be rreceiving insurance money to repair the existing house, we may as well fast forward the rest and put in the extra money to get the extra bits and pieces done. Even though these changes did come out of tragedy, and it is not an ideal situation to be in at all, we are trying to make the most of it I guess.

Anyway of course all this talk of our new home has had me busily scouting for inspiring images!!! I could look at lovely architecture and design all day long.


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