my new butlers

I have wanted some butlers for such a long time and before you go thinking i am some sort of snobby, lazy lady with waaay too much cash to burn is these butlers that i speak off...karen walker 'the butler' sunglasses!

I might also add at this point that I did go into a store in the city to purchase these lovelies but I was a quite disappointed to find that there were $329.  YET I had seen them for only $210 online from a U.S store. (They also ship for free and guarantees their arrival within 1-3 days!

Now i am all for supporting local stores and our local design talent, and karen walker, being a nz'der, I am doing just that.  However! whilst we would all love to shop local all the time ... sometimes it is just not affordable to do so and honestly i was quite shocked to find a US store was stocking one of OUR local designers online at RRP's that are much much lower than what the RRP's are here in Australia.

Its one of those debates that has pro's and con's for either side.  I want to shop local, but I don't always have extra cash to burn in order to do so ...


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