dreamy desert lifestyle #2 is actually for sale!! whaaa

I think there is perfection in the design aesthetics of a vast, dramatic desert landscape alongside a minimalist hotel or home and I love gawking at these spaces regularly. 

A while back I posted about my dreamy desert lifestyle part 2 (here) ... and today, I stumbled onto a new online site I heart and just as soon as I did.. there it was!! MY dreamy desert lifestyle FOR SALE!! :-D for $3.5 million dollars :-(

Another of the homes I posted about is also listed .. it would be a little more kind on the bank balance but still no really possible unfortunately :( 1.1 million isn't so bad..perhaps I can save that up in time :-|

Check out this site tho..

With loads of inspirational architecturally designed homes to help you create your very own dreamy lifestyle wherever you may be!

psss..they are even selling a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Pasadena! Wowzers!


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